Saturday, April 19, 2008

R.I.P. Raj

Out for early breakfast with couple of collegues this morning..
While waiting, received an sms from sp..
The message said that the security guard we know as Raj passed away in the guard room.. Kind of taken aback on this news.. Someone whom I've know for the past 10 years or so had suddenly left..
Few days back we were still teasing him with his new haircut.. whistling at him and calling him handsome... Joking with him, offering him tibits.. And now, he's gone..
He's been tormented with kidney failure for these couple of years, all the poking of needles into his hand, the dialysis he needs to go thru every other day has never made him an unhappier person.. Infact he has been pretty positive about everything..
He's been a very kind man (at least that's how I felt).. Whenever I stay late alone the office, he'll call me now and then to check if I'm doing fine in the office, asking me not to stay too late..
Rest in peace brother.. Bye..