Monday, October 8, 2007

Wedding Cupcakes.... the sequel...

I've just received the best news 5 minutes ago!! It's better than striking lottery!!!

The bride just called me and told me that I scored an A+ for the cupcakes!!! Yeah!!!! I'm really on cloud nine now!!!

The wedding duos were given out to her mum's colleagues today... They liked my cuppies and were impressed with the cupcake deco!!

All the hard work these couple of weeks is really worthwhile!! Satisfaction is definitely here now (to think that I was kind of worried about how the reactions would be when the cupcakes are distributed out to the bride's mum's colleagues)!!!

I really must thank the bride for giving me the chance to work on this project.. Thanks Doreen!!! Muaks!!

P/S: you should see me now while I'm typing this entry.. my grin is almost touching my ears now......hahaha...

Vi's pre-celebration for turning two!!

Slept at 5am after doing all the 100 pieces of wedding cupcakes.. Thot I would sleep all the way till late afternoon...who knows, woke up at 9am!!

While baking for the wedding cupcakes yesterday, I baked a few more extras intending to make them as birthday cupcakes for my princess Vi..

Vi will be turning two this month, on the 13th (her birthday is 2 days before mine..haha..), since she's coming over my place today, we're going to throw her a simple celebration..

Intended to go out and get some cutesy sweets or candies and use them as toppers for the cupcakes, but then.............Heavy rain la!!! I can't go out (hate getting my feet wet)..

Ransack the cabinets and managed to find a box of kids crackers in shapes of sea creatures.. no choice, I'll just have to use what I have.. haha..

Vi enjoyed her birthday cupcakes, the chocolate butter cream smeared all over her face.. she's even poking all her fingers into the cupcake and licking the cream off her fingers..hahaa...

En, was "caught red handed" also.. haha...

P/S: oh ya, had an order to bake a oreo cheesecake for birthday, it's really been a busy weekend for me.. haha..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wedding Cupcakes

Couple of weeks back, colleague wanted 100 pcs of cupcakes as a gift for her mum's peers.. Two in a box..

Started off with looking around for the box... A box to hold two cupcakes with a window on top (a window to view the cupcakes inside).. Oh man, looking for such a box in tiny Singapore is really a nightmare.. Been to almost ALL "known" baking supplies stores and none was found.. The closest I could find was in SKP, small rectangular, no window, and size.. abit over sized.. Not what I wanted..
Sis told me the box I wanted had to be custom made, minimum order of 1000 boxes.. OMG.. I needed 50 only, get that and what do I do with the other 950 pieces??? Whahahaa..

That's it! Can't find what I want, I'll just have to make 50 myself!!

Next, the cupcakes.. Settled with Blueberries filling Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Swiss Meringue Butter Cream AND vanilla Cupcakes with Kahlua Swiss Meringue Butter Cream..

Ok, then come the small details.. the decoration part of the cupcakes... I like making my own.. so, started off early to make the toppers with sugar paste..

Dad was robbed in to help me make the boxes.. Luckily I have him, else.. think I'll be busy making the boxes now.. haha...

Woke up really early on Saturday (6 Oct 07) morning and started baking the cupcakes, beating up the butter cream, piping, decoration...
I was the "Production Department" while dad, he's the "Packaging Department".. haha..

The last pair was finally boxed at 2am!!! Poor dad, slog with me all the way...
I took over and finish off the last part of the production.. tying the boxes with ribbons and tagging them.. Wau!! It was 4am when I finished tying the last box.. Really tired, but..the sense of satisfaction was definitely there...

P/S: Daddy's the best! Without him, this project would not had run so smoothly.. Thanks Pa!!