Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Hope it'll be a good year for all...

Been pretty busy lately.. All the Xmas, New Year celebration... Really in holidaying mood....Haha...

Recently just finished off with a batch of cupcakes and tiramisu for a close friend.
He's having a post Xmas and New Year celebration with his bunch of friends and wanted tiramisu and some cupcakes for his party.

Made a box of tiramisu and some mini oreo cheese cupcakes and Rum & raisins cupcakes for the party.

Besides for the party itself, he wanted to give a cupcake to each of his guest as a "thank you" gift...
Did some DIY to the off the shelves boxes to make them more presentable..
Here are what the guests are bringing back, Chocolate Blueberry cupcake with Dark chocolate ganache.

Hope everyone enjoys the cakes!!